VIP Gold Club

Eldan – the leading car rental company in Israel, leading the way in service, courtesy and professionalism – is proud to introduce Eldan’s VIP Gold Club.

Who is a VIP Gold Customer?

A customer who has rented Eldan cars (of any class) at least seven rentals per year, becomes a VIP Gold customer. Membership is for a period of one year.
As a VIP Gold customer your personal details (passport number / driver’s license, address etc.) are retained in the Eldan computer system so that every time you rent a car, you will be recognized automatically and enjoy a variety of benefits.
Note: If for any reason, the system does not identify your personal details as those of a VIP Gold customer, your reservation will be accepted by the system and we will check into the problem.

Benefits Enjoyed by a VIP Gold Customer

  • Free Membership – There is no additional charge for membership in the club.
  • Faster Check-In procedure – Your identification in the Eldan system as a VIP GOLD customer allows us to make all the arrangements in advance of your arrival. When you arrive at the branch, the rental agreement will be ready for your signature and the car you ordered will await you in a special parking lot. This means that when you come to pick up your car, all you’ll have to do is present your credit card, passport and driver’s license, sign the agreement and drive away.
  • Special Members’ Counter at Airport Location – As a VIP Gold member, you will be served at a specially designated service counter where trained personnel will attend to your needs.
  • Free Upgrade – As a VIP Gold member, you are entiteled to a free upgrade.
    * For vehicles up to class F.

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