Welcome to the Eldan Transportation Ltd. website and/or the websites of all Eldan subsidiaries and/or companies connected to it (henceforth: “Eldan”).

This Eldan website is intended to provide general information about Eldan activities and about car rental in Israel by Eldan via the site. The website is owned by Eldan and is operated and managed according to Eldan’s directives.

Use of the website and its contents is subject to the regulations for use on the site and to all other conditions that appear on the site (henceforth: “the regulations”). It is hereby stated that Eldan reserves the right to amend the regulations, from time to time, at its sole discretion and with no advance notification. In any case of a change in the regulations, it will apply to all website users automatically. Please read the regulations carefully. Entering the website and using any part of it constitutes your consent and your acknowledgement of all the website conditions. If you do not consent that the regulations apply to you, you are not permitted to make use of the site or any part of it. By the very use of the regulations you confirm that you have legal authorization and judicial permission according to all laws to make use of the site.

Use of the masculine is for convenience only and the stipulations of the regulations refer to both men and women.

The subheadings in the regulations are for convenience only and should not be considered for interpreting any of the stipulations.


This website is intended for promotional, informational, and initial contact purposes only, and, unless otherwise noted, it is not designed to present final conditions for completing transactions. The website is intended for illustration only and does not commit Eldan in any manner, including matters of contact conditions and/or transaction availability, unless specifically stated otherwise and/or except for places where the information is offered for the purpose of completing direct car rental reservations on the website, and all subject to Eldan’s not having informed you of any change in the stipulation and/or cancellation of the reservation and/or the purchase within 3 work days from the date it was made. Eldan reserves the right at all times and at its exclusive discretion to change the contents of the website or any part of it, and all changes, as aforesaid, will apply to every user of the website, immediately upon the change being made, as aforesaid.

Without detracting from the above, users of the website will not be entitled to use the site in the following ways, among others:

  • For distribution, marketing or promotion;
  • For obstructing the use of the website by others or by Eldan;
  • In any way that may breach (or attempt to breach) copyright or any other third party or Eldan’s right;
  • In a way that contravenes any law, competent authority or judicial decree;
  • Inserting links on the website without having received written permission in advance from Eldan;
  • Making any use of the website that would harm, demean and/or slander others or denigrate their good name;
  • Making a reservation whose details are not correct in whole or in part;
  • Making any use of the website in a way that interferes or tries to interfere in any way with the website contents, its components or any part of it;
  • Making or attempting to make any unauthorized use of the website; or
  • Making changes and/or modifications on the website and its contents or trying to do so.

Eldan reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to prevent or limit the use of the website, for any reason whatsoever, with no prior notification and with no liability to you or to any third party.


On the site Eldan offers a wide variety of vehicles for rental (henceforth: “vehicle rental”), intended for personal use only.

Eldan reserves the right to not honor and/or cancel reservations that, in the company’s opinion and at its discretion, were made contrary to the regulations and/or by mistake and without the person making the reservation and/or you having any claim and/or recourse and/or suit against the aforesaid cancellation. Eldan reserves the right to take all judicial and legal measures at its disposal against any person breaching its rights and/or the stipulations of these regulations.

The photographs of vehicles that appear on the website are for illustration only. Eldan makes every effort to ensure that the photos of vehicles reflect the features of the vehicles that will actually be supplied. Nevertheless, changes and/or inaccuracies may occur between the vehicles that are actually offered and the photos of the vehicles, as a result of graphics, techniques, use of computer screens of different resolutions, use of different software, etc. The photos of the vehicles do not constitute an Eldan display before the vehicles are reserved. Eldan does not bear responsibility for any type of error that might appear on the website, including mistakes in text and/or errors in description of the vehicles and/or prices, etc.

If it is not possible to fill your reservation, Eldan will contact you, according to the contact details you submitted when making the reservation, to propose an alternative vehicle with similar features and a similar price to the vehicle you chose (henceforth: “the new offer”). After presenting the new offer, Eldan will allow you to change your vehicle reservation or cancel it, at no cost.


For Eldan to supply the vehicle/s you ordered, the reservation must be received and recorded in a correct and proper manner, which includes all of the required details for the reservation and for charging you (henceforth: “identification details”). Many different factors can engender mistakes and distortions in recording the reservation. If you receive a message while and/or after completing the reservation pertaining to erroneous content in the reservation details and/or a message regarding a mishap that occurred in the system when the reservation was being received, you should contact the national sales center at Tel. 03-5579040.

If, during the completion of the reservation, you submit erroneous identification details, we cannot ensure that the vehicle will be supplied at the requested time and place. Please be sure to fill in correct and up-to-date identification details. Submitting erroneous identification details is absolutely forbidden by law and Eldan reserves the right to take all judicial and legal measures against those who submit erroneous identification details. Pressing the “Reserve” button at the end of the reservation process constitutes your confirmation of the reservation, the correctness of the details you submitted and your agreement to rent the vehicle/s, as aforesaid (henceforth: “reservation confirmation”). After you confirm the reservation, it will be forwarded to Eldan and/or its representative to be implemented.

A message confirming the reservation by Eldan will be sent to you by email, at the electronic address you submitted when completing the reservation, as part of the identification details submitted, within 3 work days of reservation confirmation. A reservation that has not been confirmed by return email by Eldan, as aforesaid, will not be binding on Eldan.

Pre-conditions for completing a reservation and for supplying the ordered vehicle are: (1) completion of verification of credit card details you submitted and (2) receipt of confirmation from the credit card company to complete the vehicle rental.

If the pre-conditions are met and if the requested vehicle/s has/have not been rented to someone else, the reservation will be considered as executable by Eldan and Eldan will act to supply the vehicle/s you ordered.

It should be clarified that renting the vehicle is subject to the conditions of Eldan’s standard rental agreement to be signed by you when receiving the vehicle.


The rental price that you are charged for booking and renting (a) vehicle/s is the price that appears on the site when you make your reservation. Without detracting from the aforesaid, Eldan reserves the right to make changes in the price of the rental, at any time, without prior notification.


Payment for a vehicle rented on the website will be possible only by submitting details of a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel, as legally specified on the site when completing the reservation. Eldan will not honor any other means of payment.


Any information submitted by you as part of your use of this website, will be protected by Eldan in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Privacy, 5741 – 1981.

Some uses of the website and/or the services given on the website require registration in which personal details must be submitted. Therefore, you hereby declare that you have submitted the personal details to Eldan of your own free will and with your consent.

Eldan is entitled to use the details submitted on the website – and information collected about patterns of use on the site – in order to improve the services it offers, to contact you if the need arises, in accordance with the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (Amendment No. 40), 5758 – 2008 (Spam Law) or to analyze and submit statistical information to third parties, including advertisers.

Note: Some of the information collected by Eldan in the course of viewing the site content or Eldan advertisements, is collected through electronic files (cookies) sent to the user’s computer, and designed for the collection of data and information on the user's usage patterns in order to improve the service and user experience at the site. You may, at any time, prevent the creation of cookies on your computer by adjusting the browser settings, and delete cookies created in the past.

If you do not wish the information you submit to be used, as stated above, please notify us immediately by email at: remove@eldan.co.il

The information you submit is subject to the stipulations of the Law for the Protection of Privacy in the regulations and/or the law. Eldan will avoid, as much as is possible, submitting information to third parties knowingly, unless obligated to do so by court order and/or Eldan is threatened that legal (criminal or civil) actions will be taken against it for actions you performed on the site. In this case, Eldan is entitled to submit your details to the claimant who contends that he was harmed by you and/or in accordance with the conditions of a judicial order, without prior notification.

Eldan invests its resources and takes various security steps to prevent invasion of its website computers and/or data bases in order to prevent possible invasion of the privacy of site users. However, Eldan is unable to completely secure its computers and/or the website’s information banks from illegal access and prohibited use of information. Therefore, you duly declare that you will not have any claim and/or recourse and/or lawsuit against us and/or anyone acting on Eldan’s behalf resulting from unauthorized accessing as stated above and/or exposure and/or use of information from this aforesaid unauthorized invasion, by power of the regulations and/or the law.


This website may contain links to other websites. Eldan is not responsible for the conditions of use set by other websites, or for their content or anything relating to or resulting from their use. Your use of links to other websites or your use of other websites is at your sole responsibility.


All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the website, of every type and sort, including text, design, audio portions, files, messages, programs, notices, trademarks, data bases, program codes and all information of every type and sort (hereinafter: “the content”), the manner of choice, grouping, arrangement and display of all content on this site, website preparation and design, all of them as a whole and each of them individually, is the exclusive property of Eldan and/or someone on Eldan’s behalf, and you are not permitted to make any use of this website that breaches and/or attempts to breach these rights. You are permitted to print out website content or any part of it, for your personal non-commercial use only, conditional on your not breaching or attempting to breach any of the rights in the website content and other matters that are protected as stated above. Any other use is strictly forbidden, without the prior written consent of Eldan. This website may contain content whose rights are protected by third parties. Any use, as stated above, is subject to these regulations and to third party rights of all content as stated above.

Without detracting from the above, it is clarified here that all pages on the website are the exclusive property of Eldan. They may not be copied, altered or published in whole or in part, without Eldan’s explicit prior written consent. Copyrights for the underlying concept of the site, including the website design, trademarks, as well as all other transactions on the website that are unique and exclusive to Eldan, are the property of Eldan. Likewise, no changes may be made on the site; copying, distributing, broadcasting, publicly exhibiting, duplicating, publishing or submitting to a third party any part of the website is forbidden, without Eldan’s prior written consent.

The domain name of the website and its trademarks (both those that are registered and those that are not registered) are the exclusive property of Eldan and if they are published by advertisers on the site, they are the property of those advertisers only. No use may be made of these without their prior written consent.

If you are of the opinion that any contents on this site in any way breach your intellectual property rights, please contact us through the contact details that appear on the site, with details of the breach of your rights that you believe was committed, your contact details and details about your intellectual property rights in these contents, as well as your declaration that everything stated in your message is correct and accurate.

In these regulations, “content” includes articles, surveys, statistics, any purchasing transaction of products and/or services offered on the website or through it, reports, analyses, contents, estimations, in the text, in pictures and/or in sound, that are available to surfers on the website or in any of the end equipment existent today or that may be existent in the future, whether it be owned by Eldan or by a third party that allows Eldan to use it.


Eldan or any body connected to Eldan, including its stockholders, managers, employees and/or others on their behalf, will not bear liability in any way for any damage and/or loss and/or expense caused to your and/or someone on your behalf and/or in your stead, whether directly or indirectly, in connection with and/or resulting from your use of the website. In addition, Eldan and/or anyone on Eldan’s behalf are not and will not be liable in any way for any transaction that cannot be implemented.

Eldan does not undertake that the services on the website will not be disrupted or provided as required or without interruption, or will be provided securely and without any errors, and will be resistant to unauthorized access to Eldan’s computers or to damages, breakdowns, mishaps or failures – in all hardware, software, communications lines and systems, at Eldan or at one of its suppliers.

Use of the website and its contents is given As Is, with no undertaking or guarantee by Eldan. Therefore, nothing stated on the website and/or in this document, reflects Eldan’s presentation of the reliability, pertinence, appropriate timing and exactitude of the information, content, items, links and graphics of the website for any purpose. Therefore, there can be no claim or lawsuit or recourse against Eldan for the quality of use, limitations or responses that advertising on the site or end equipment may cause. Therefore, the use of content displayed on the site and on the end equipment and on the website services will be at your full and exclusive responsibility.

Eldan wishes to clarify that although it makes every effort to ensure that the information on this website is as current and correct as possible, the site is not without inaccuracies or errors. The use of this website and reliance on the information that appears on it is therefore at your sole responsibility.


When entering the site, you undertake to indemnify Eldan for any damage and/or expense caused to the company and/or to anyone on its behalf, whether directly or indirectly, as a consequence and/or resulting from and/or regarding your every use of the site and/or part of it and/or its contents and/or breaching of any law and/or stipulation of a certified authority made in connection with your use of the website, and including damages and attorneys’ fees.


These regulations will be bound only by the laws of the State of Israel. The sole venue for adjudication for any and all matters pertaining to these regulations and the use of the website is the authorized courts in the Tel Aviv – Jaffa district.

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