Terms of Rental

1. Age

Drivers must be at least 24 years of age.

2. Driver's License

Drivers must posses a clean pictured driver's license, valid for a least two years, written in ENGLISH. If the license is not written in English, driver must carry an international license in addition. The license must meet the requirements of the hired vehicle. Only the license holder present at the time of rental and named on the Eldan agreement is permitted to drive the vehicle.

3. Passport

Driver must hold a valid passport.

4. Insurance

The vehicle is insured according to the laws of the State of Israel.

The vehicle is insured for compulsory insurance according to law and for third party insurance by an insurance policy which terms are not less than third party liability insurance terms for the standard damages to property, which such terms may be viewed at Terms of Third Party Liability Insurance for Standard Property Damages (but not for comprehensive insurance).

Liability Damage Waiver (L.D.W.) is mandatory and must be purchased from Eldan. Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) and Theft Protection (T.P.) can be provided upon request.

Waivable Excess/Deductible ranges from $500 to $1,100 according to the car group. The above coverage does not include damage to the undercarriage & tires of the vehicle. The renter will be required to pay the full amount for any damage caused to the mentioned parts.

To avoid any doubt, it is hereby expressly declared that the deductible shall be charged for each claim case separately (claim case means an accidental event).

Should you choose to take the C.D.W. and T.P. coverage through your credit card company, it is your responsibility to notify the credit card company and verify its terms and conditions of coverage.

Please note that by not taking collision damage waiver insurance, you (the lessee), and not the credit card company, are responsible for any damage or loss to the vehicle. All related expenses will be charged to on your credit card.

  • The coverage provided is not valid outside the borders of the State of Israel , Tabah and territories of the Palestinian Authority.
  • When picking up the car please be sure to inspect it thoroughly for all and any existing damages.
  • Insurance does not cover loss of personal belongings.
  • Final rate includes the type of insurance selected.

Further information is available at Eldan counters.

5. Payment

Upon picking up the vehicle, the hirer must present a valid credit card under his / her name. Subject to the approval of the credit card company, such credit card shall serve as security for any amount owed by the hirer to Eldan in connection with the car rental in an amount as resolved by Eldan when picking up the car which shall be no less than 700$.
The last charging of the credit card shall take place upon completion of the rental period.

6. Airport Fee

An airport fee will be charged in the event of a pick-up or drop-off at the airport

7. VAT

Israeli citizens / Israeli passport holders / non tourist visa holders pay an additional 18% vat. Only tourists with B2, B3 or B4 stamps are vat exempt.

8. Delays

A delay in returning the vehicle will be charged as follows:

(a) Over one hour and up to two hours - 50% of the daily cost.

(b) Over two hours and up to three hours - 75% of the daily cost.

(c) Over three hours and up to one day - 100% of the daily cost.

9. Extension of Rental Period

If you decide to extend your rental period you will be charged according to the local tariff valid in Israel.

10. Gasoline

Gasoline is not included in the rates.
We suggest returning the vehicle with a full tank, as an additional charge will apply otherwise.


11. Km

Reservations for one or two days include 250 kilometers.
Reservations for 3 – 25 days include unlimited kilometrage.
Reservations for 26 or more days include 3000 kilometers.
Reservations for category FE (electric car) include free 100 kilometers per day.

12. Maitenance

Rates include maintenance and oil.

13. Safety

It is a statutory requirement that both driver and passengers wear seat belts while driving. Infants, toddlers and children must be seated in car seats suitable to their individual size and age.

Children under 14 years of age should always be seated in the rear seats.

14. Breakdowns

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, please contact our office at Ben Gurion Airport which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number is *3003 (03-9773400)

15. Traffic Violations

The customer is liable for all parking fines, traffic and/or any towing violations including any handling fees issued during the rental period. In a case in which the driver does not pay the traffic reports, an additional handling fee will be charged by Eldan.

16. Cancellation Policy

The client must notify Eldan about the cancellation 48 hours prior to the pickup date. Upon shorter notice, a 25$ cancellation fee will be charged.

  • Eldan reserves the right to substitute similar models to those stated in the tariff agreement.
  • Eldan reserves the right to refuse car rental and/or any other service to any customer who does not comply with all the above terms.

17. Pick up / Drop off fee

All rentals shall be for at least 3 (three) days. If, for whatever reason the rental shall be for a lesser period you shall nonetheless be charged for three days of rent. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, any insurance payments set out herein shall be payable in accordance with the actual rental days.

A renter renting a vehicle delivered or returned in Eilat or Kiryat Shmona must rent the vehicle for at least three (3) days in the following categories A,C,D,E,I,F,G, XL and seven (7) days in the following categories SX, VX, LG, MS, MT, KX, KF, KN, JX, J1, T, T1, TN, AF, AL, AX, AK, AN, X, provided however that during the "High Season" (July-August and Jewish and Christian holidays) such rental shall be for a period of not less than seven (7) days in any event.

If a renter does not fulfill such minimum rental period he will be liable for transport fees of $110 + VAT in categories A through XL and $220 + VAT on SX and greater categories.


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18. Rates policy

The estimated price for the booking and rental of the rental car(s) is the price indicated on the website at the time of booking. This estimated price does not constitute the final cost to the Renter but only an estimated cost according to the rental details at the time of booking and it is subject to any change, amendment and addition to the rental details, including changing the place and date of pick up. Without derogating from the foregoing, Eldan reserves its right to change, at any time, the prices of vehicles, even without prior notice.

19. Toll road

The prices do not include toll road fees. Payment for driving on a toll road will be charged according to the rate list published by the road operator according to the rates for nonsubscriber customers plus an additional handling fee appearing on the price list displayed at the car rental branches.
It is the rental company’s understanding that renters can contact the toll road operator directly, subject to the rules of the road’s operating company and to the contractual agreement with that company. This is not a recommendation for direct contact. Should the customer violate his/her obligations to the toll road operating company, the client will bear all charges, fines and legal expenses required by the rental company to pay the toll road operator, in addition to handling fees.

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