Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many drivers are permitted to drive the car?


Only the driver listed on eldan car rental agreement may drive the car. Additional drivers may be added to the rental agreement for a low monetary fee. Additional drivers must arrive at an Eldan location with a valid driver's license and sign the rental agreement.

Q. I would prefer to not have a Deductible fee at all, What are my options?


Eldan offers a "No Deductible" Insurance option referred to as "Excess Waiver Insurance". This insurance is optional and is available at an additional daily monetary fee, depending on the car rental group. Rates are available at Eldan pick up branches.

Q. Can I request a specific car model?


At time of booking you may request your preference. A particular car model cannot be guaranteed, as we are unable to predict availability of a specific model on a given day. If your specific car preference is not available, you will receive a comparable vehicle from the same car class you reserved.

Q. What is the minimum age required for renting a car?

A. Minimum age required is 24.

Q. Which credit cards does Eldan accept?


Eldan accepts MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express.

Q. Which credit card offers Collision and Theft Insurance in Israel?


Credit card benefits vary from one credit card to another. To find out if your personal credit card provides coverage in Israel, please call your credit card customer service phone number, usually located on the back of the credit card. Collision Damage Waiver and Theft may be purchased from Eldan at time of reservation or at time of rental.

Q. What do I do in the event of a mechanical failure or breakdown?


In the unlikely event of a mechanical failure or breakdown, please call our emergency road service phone number. Service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q. How do I extend my rental?


Please call the Eldan pick up location to extend your rental.

Q. Do internet rates include free mileage?



Q. Do all the cars have A/C?



Q. Is Insurance included in my quote?


At time of booking, you select your preferred Insurance; Third Party Liability Insurance is Mandatory and is included in all final quotes. Collision Damage Waiver is optional and may be available through your credit card company. However, Clients who do not have Collision coverage through their personal Credit card must purchase Collision Insurance through Eldan.

Monthly rental rates include full coverage at no additional fee; Insurance coverage is offered by Eldan only upon the client's request .

Q. Is there a deductible fee in the event of damage?


Yes, Deductible fees do apply in the event of damage. Your deductible will depend on the Car category you are renting. 

Listed below are the maximum deductible fees: 

A - $400

C, C2, D, E, F  - $500

X, XL, VX, LG,KN, KX, MT, T - $600
ES, MS, JX, J1, H - $1,100

Q. I have just returned from Israel and I need a copy of my bill, who should I contact?


All detailed invoices are mailed to our clients shortly after your payment is processed. You may contact us by phone or via email to request additional documents.

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